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Secure Your Tanker Truck Pick Up with Ease

Finalizing Your Tanker Truck Pick Up

Congratulations on your Amthor International purchase. Let's ensure a smooth transition as you take the wheel.

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Pre-Pick Up Checklist

Financial Settlement

  • Ensure all payments and financial arrangements are completed to expedite the pick-up process.

Documentation Completion

  • All necessary paperwork, including DOT, title, tags, and Amthor forms, must be signed and submitted.

Call Amthor International with any questions.

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Health and Well-Being

License and Permit Verification

Provide proof of the appropriate licenses, endorsements, and permits for vehicle transport.

Pick Up Authorization

Verification Process

To prevent any mishaps, we require all paperwork to match our records perfectly. Discrepancies will result in a delay.


Coordinating Your Pick Up

Contact Our Logistics Expert

Reach out to our Logistics & Receivables Coordinator for personalized coordination of your truck pick-up or delivery.

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Pick Up Options

On-Site Pick Up

Drive away from our Gretna, Virginia facility with your new tanker truck, equipped with the necessary credentials.

Delivery Services

Choose from our trusted delivery options, including lowboy trailer transport or our preferred driving service.

Third-Party Pick Up

Opt for a third-party service or send your driver, ensuring they have the correct paperwork and qualifications.

Schedule Pick Up

Once a truck is turned over to the shipper and leaves Amthor International property, Amthor International is not responsible nor liable for any issues. Depending on the shipping arrangement, additional charges may apply.