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Quality and Innovation

Our Tanker Truck Manufacturing Process

Step-by-Step Fabrication

$brandMetal$brand Shaping Mastery

Metal Shaping Mastery

Starting with premium-grade flat metal sheets, our skilled fabricators expertly shape the foundational side shells of your custom tank.

$brandPrecision$brand Forming

Precision Forming

Utilizing advanced techniques, the heads and baffles are precisely formed to fit each tank's unique specifications.

Assembly with Accuracy

$secondaryFixture$secondary Alignment

Fixture Alignment

Our assembly process begins with precision, aligning each component on a fixture modeled after a truck chassis to ensure perfect integration.

$secondaryAdvanced$secondary Welding Technology

Advanced Welding Technology

With our Panjiris system, a welding marvel, we achieve superior longitudinal welds that surpass the capabilities of manual welding.

Finishing Touches

Component Integration

In the finishing stage, every element of the tank is meticulously assembled, ensuring a product that meets Amthor's rigorous quality standards.

Component Integration

Custom Mounting

Chassis Installation

Your tank takes its place on the chassis of your choice, with all piping and equipment expertly installed for optimal performance.

Chassis Installation

Quality Assurance

Detailed Cleaning & Polishing

Before your tanker truck reaches you, we conduct a thorough inspection of the entire vessel, and cleaning & polishing to ensure it arrives without blemishes or imperfections.

Detailed Cleaning & Polishing