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Shep Boys

Case Study:

Elevating Portable Restroom Services with Custom-Built Tanker Trucks


Shep Boys Waste Management LLC


Houston, Texas


Portable Restroom Rentals & Services


The Challenge

In the bustling city of Houston, Shep Boys Waste Management LLC stands out as a top-tier portable restroom service provider. Catering to everything from construction sites to upscale events, they needed a fleet that could keep up with their diverse and growing demands. The challenge? Finding reliable sanitation vehicles tailored to their unique needs.

The Amthor Difference

Russel Shepard, the driving force behind Shep Boys, knew that standard vehicles wouldn't cut it. He turned to Amthor International, known for its premium vacuum tanker trucks. After a firsthand look at our meticulous manufacturing process, Russel was convinced he'd found the right partner.


Tailored Solutions for Seamless Service

Amthor International rose to the challenge, creating custom-built trucks and a trailer designed for optimal restroom servicing. These vehicles, tailored for Shep Boys, ensured efficient and thorough cleaning across various sites.