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Foster Fuels

Case Study:

Reliable Additions for Emergency Response 


Foster Fuels  


Brookneal, Virginia 


Residential, Commercial, & Emergency Refueling Services


The Challenge

Foster Fuels has a whole division dedicated to emergency response labeled as “Mission Critical”. This division is all hands on deck when disaster strikes to provide refueling and home heating relief to those impacted by disaster. Foster needs durable & reliable equipment to get those impacted by disaster. This is where Amthor comes into play.

The Amthor Difference

Foster recognized the need for driver-friendly solutions for their crews to run efficiently and safely on the road. Amthor’s superior yet simple fuel tanker designs exceeded the needs of Foster. Amthor built them a powerhouse to seamlessly perform refueling services to those in need.


Tailored Solutions for Seamless Service

Engineered with driver-friendly components and equipment, Foster Fuels drivers are equipped with a quality tanker to keep them safe on the road as well as efficient in the field of service.